Seven Capcut template Link 2023

Seven Capcut template is trending on tiktok. Let’s find out all about these seven Capcut templates & in the last I’ll provide all the best seven Capcut templates for you to use.


Seven is a new song by jung kook, he is a South Korean singer & a member of popular band called BTS. As you know the popularity of these BTS group is very high all over the world and their fans wait eagerly for their new songs. So jung kook released this individual song called seven on 14th July. After this song got released this broke all records & got no.1 spot on Billboard’s Global 200 Singles and Excl. US charts.

As this song got very popular all over the world, the capcut creators who waits for the new songs to release so that they can come up with the new Capcut templates, found very interesting lyrics on this song called seven days of week & created template which are known as seven Capcut template.


What is Capcut?

CapCut is a widely used free video editing application developed by ByteDance, this is the same company who has built TikTok. It’s designed for smartphones, allowing users to edit their videos with ease and creativity. The app provides a variety of editing features and tools, enabling users to trim, cut, merge, and add music, filters, text, and other effects to their videos. And one of the most popular & useful part of this application is templates, there are Creators who makes the ready to use templates for us so that we don’t have to edit our videos. And we can easily use these templates for free to make our videos.


What is seven Capcut template ?


Seven Capcut template is named after the seven song by jung kook. After the song got released the fans came up with the creative Capcut templates. They made best & ready to use Capcut templates to show the seven days of week in the form of photos. If you know the lyrics of the song its about the seven days of the week the capcut template starts with the lyrics:

 ” I’ll be lovin’ you right

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, a week

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, seven days a week

Every hour, every minute, every second

You know night after night

I’ll be lovin’ you right (lovin’ you right) “

This lyrics has got name of every days of week & the template is about showing the different pic on every days of the week. These templates are made with the song beat & when we add our photos to these ready made Capcut templates it’s look super cool.


Seven Capcut templates


I have got you 5 best ready to use seven Capcut template for you, so you don’t have to anywhere else. Preview these 5 Capcut templates & click on use template in Capcut button given below each videos.




Seven Capcut template Jung kook


Seven Capcut template Jung kook


Seven Capcut template Jung kook


Seven Capcut template Jung kook


Seven Capcut template Jung kook



How to use these trending seven Capcut templates Capcut templates?


  • To use these Capcut templates which are given above you should have Capcut application which you can download from play or appstore. ( And you need VPN if you’re from India, which you need to connect before using the further process)


  • Now click on the ” use template in Capcut” option available below each templates, after clicking the button you will be automatically switch to Capcut.


  • Now click on click on “use template” & upload required number of photos or videos according to the template.


  • After upload click on preview & then check your video & export.


  • After exporting you can easily share wherever you want & if you have tiktok you will be automatically switch to Tiktok. After that clik on next & you’re ready to share 😃.


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