My real name is ( everybody calls me) Capcut template link 2023

Unveiling the “My Real Name Is” Trend: An Adorable and Engaging Capcut Template


In the ever-evolving world of social media brings us countless trends and challenges that captivate users worldwide. One such trend that has recently taken TikTok by storm is the “My Real Name Is” template on Capcut. This delightful trend allows users to share their real names and what they’re commonly called, all while embracing a charming and endearing baby voice. Join the bandwagon as we explore the ins and outs of this heartwarming trend that has captured the hearts of millions.


The Rise of the “My Real Name Is” Trend:

In the vast landscape of TikTok trends, the “My Real Name Is” trend has quickly gained momentum, captivating users of all ages. What makes this trend so special is its unique combination of self-expression, personal anecdotes, and the irresistibly adorable baby voice feature provided by Capcut.


How It Works:

The “My Real Name Is” trend revolves around a simple yet engaging template on Capcut. Users start by adding their real name and what they are commonly called in the template. Once the text is entered, Capcut enhances the experience by generating a cute and lovable baby voice that reads out the text in a playful manner. This combination of personalization and the adorable voiceover has propelled the trend’s popularity to new heights.


How to do the trend :

To participate in this heartwarming trend, users simply need to follow a few steps.

1. First, download the Capcut application, you can download from play or appstore or if you are from India you can download from any browser by just searching ‘ Capcut apk ‘.

2. You also need to download VPN & connect it to any region before doing this further process , you can download any vpn from play or appstore only if are living in India ( Capcut is banned in India) to access the template you nedd vpn. And if you’re not from India you can do the further process without vpn.

3. Now click on the capcut template link given below tap on ” use template in Capcut”. After clicking the link you will be directed to the temple page.

My real name is Capcut template link

My real name is Capcut template


4. Now click on “use template in Capcut” & then click on use template & add your photo from gallery & then click on preview. Now change the name by going to the text option & then check your video & export.


5. Now you will be automatically switch to Tiktok. And then you’re ready to share.


The Allure of the Cute Baby Voice:

One of the most enchanting aspects of the “My Real Name Is” trend is the incorporation of the cute baby voice feature provided by Capcut. The baby voice adds a delightful touch of innocence and playfulness to the videos, making them irresistibly endearing. The juxtaposition of adult names with an innocent baby voice creates a charming contrast that viewers find utterly captivating.


Why It’s Going Viral:

The “My Real Name Is” trend has gone viral for several reasons. Firstly, it taps into our innate desire to share personal stories and connect with others on a deeper level. By revealing our real names and what we are commonly called, we invite viewers to better understand our identity and the significance behind our chosen names. Additionally, the incorporation of the adorable baby voiceover adds a sense of fun and whimsy, making the trend highly shareable and enjoyable to watch.



In the realm of viral trends, the “My Real Name Is” template on Capcut stands out as a heartwarming and engaging phenomenon. By combining personal storytelling, endearing baby voices, and the allure of self-expression, this trend has captured the attention of millions on TikTok. Join the community and explore the charm of this delightful trend as users across the globe share their real names and endearing nicknames, leaving us all with a smile and a sense of connection in a world that can often feel vast and impersonal.

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